September 18, 2021


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Lila Lovely Butt Plugged

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Lila Lovely is Hidden Something, A Butt plug between her Phat Ass Cheecks and covered by her lace panties, she is really a naughty and incorrigible bbw slut, and may need some help to remove it.

A Big toys fan as well as big boys fan, Lila Lovely has a lot of experience with all kinds of lady cum-machines. Once, she as in a long relationship with a guy who had a suitcase full of gadgets and novelties.

Lola Masturbates with a vibrator a few times a week. she said: i’m a submissive slut, and i love fetish play and i enjoy getting my ass spanked, slapped in the face, restrained and fucked ass up, face down, i like being dominated in different situations, psychologically and also in role-play.

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“I Once had my ass fucked by a guy on a nature walk just of the trail in the woods, truly it was very hot and the thought of someone catching us made it more exciting, truly it was one of my best experiences.” Said Lila

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